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5 Winter Plumbing Tips That Will Save You From a Plumbing Disaster

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Winters can be tough for your plumbing system because it works overtime to keep your water supply warm and running. Your pipes can freeze, clog, make noise, etc., making it difficult for you to shower, wash clothes, clean the dishes, and do other daily chores.

So, here are some important tips to prevent any plumbing damage in the winter.

Check Your Pipes, Faucets, and Drains

The best way to prevent any plumbing emergencies is to plan for inspection, repairs, and maintenance before winters begin. Therefore, you’ll need to inspect your faucet screens, drains, and pipe traps to remove any accumulated debris.

You’ll also need to insulate your faucets and pipes in different areas of the home where there’s no heating, like basements and garages, to prevent those pipes from freezing.

Drain and Flush Your Water Heater

You must drain your water heater at least once a year to remove any debris from the bottom of the tank. It’ll help prevent any future water heating issues and increase your heater’s life expectancy. You’ll simply need to turn on the cold water spigot and allow the water to drain from the tank.

You should let it run for a few minutes until the water flowing from the tank is clear. Continue flushing until the water turns clean and there is no more sand coming out.

Inspect your Kitchen Sink

We recommend that you don’t use your sink as a regular garbage disposal unless you have one professionally installed. Food particles, fats, and oils can freeze inside your pipes when the temperature reaches below zero Celsius. So, these substances can create clogs in your drain. If you wish to prepare your pipes to handle the winter chill, ensure to dispose of greasy waste appropriately.

a person holding the neck of the faucet

Keep Your Faucets Running and Your House Warm

When you know that the weather will be really cold on a particular night, turn on a couple of taps in your home. You don’t have to turn them on all the way; just a trickle will do. You can put a bucket under the faucet or spigot, so the water is not wasted. As long as the water is running, it won’t freeze and crack your pipes.

Moreover, try to keep your house warm. If you keep the interior of your home heated, it can prevent your pipes from freezing. Don’t let your thermostat fall below 55 degrees.

Weatherproof and Insulate Your Outdoor Pipes

If the temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in your city, your outdoor pipes may freeze. Since water expands when it freezes, it can crack your pipes in several places. However, you can weatherproof your pipes by insulating them to prevent any plumbing catastrophes in the winter.

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