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How To Detect Water leaks In Your House

Water leaks can damage your walls, furniture, and roof while also causing mold buildup due to water infiltration. If you don’t address it in a timely manner, you may end up causing tremendous damage to your home. The first signs of water leakage is a damp spot on your ceiling or walls. However, some of the signs aren’t always visible.

Here are some ways you can detect water leaks in your home.

Dripping Ceilings and Wet Walls

If you’re noticing damp walls in your laundry area, bathroom or kitchen, you may have a leak in your plumbing. So, if your wallpaper is peeling and walls are sporting damp spots, call your local residential plumbing services immediately.

Track Your Utility Bills

Your water bills can also reveal if something is wrong. They can give you an insight if there is more than usual water usage a particular month. It can show if you have a water leak despite minimal water usage.

Check For Toilet Leaks

One of the best ways to check if you have a toilet leakage is to drop a little food coloring in the toilet bowl and see if there is any color remaining in the morning. If you can see color in the bowl without flushing in the morning, you may be dealing with a leaky toilet.

Check Your Appliances For Any Leaks

If you have a water heater, a water dispenser, an aquarium, or any other appliance that’s connect directly to your plumbing to extract fresh water, check the outlets for any leaks. Some water from a faulty connection may be leaking into the house.

Keep an Eye On Running Water

Water leaks can be hard to ignore because sometimes you can hear them through the walls. So, you can listen for running water through your walls and floors and keep an eye out for any obvious sign of leaks as mentioned above.

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Test Your Water Pressure

Another way to detect a leak is to check the water pressure inside your home. First, turn off all the faucets in your home and check your water pressure. If the pressure is lower than normal, you may have a water leakage.

Test Your Water Meter

The water meter test is a fool proof way of checking if you have a water leak. You’ll need to turn off all the faucets in your home. Don’t turn off the valves because that’ll stop the water supply to your home. If the water meter moves after you’ve closed all the faucets and haven’t used the water in the house, you may have a small leak.

You may not notice a difference right away. You’ll need to check after a couple of hours and compare the reading. If there’s a change in readings, you’ll need to call your local plumbers.  

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