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Kitchens serve as the heart of many homes. Therefore, an accommodating kitchen design plays a defining role in your daily cooking experiences. As Spokane’s preferred kitchen remodel contractor, Action Craft Experts offers extensive renovation services at competitive prices. Discover how we can turn your vision into a reality with a professional kitchen renovation. 

What Does a Kitchen Remodel Entail?

Are you planning a full or partial kitchen remodel? The answer will determine what your future project requires. Partial kitchen remodels typically involve replacing or refreshing your current fixtures. We can assist with various partial remodeling tasks, such as:

Our team can also tackle a full kitchen remodeling project. Complete remodels often involve full design services to make the kitchen accommodate your needs more easily. We’ll redesign and rebuild your kitchen from scratch, salvaging materials we can reuse and adding new fixtures to the layout.

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How Homeowners Benefit From Full Remodels

Our affordable kitchen remodels offer the same benefits and stylistic updates as luxury kitchen remodels. Who says you have to sacrifice quality for competitive prices? Our process ensures you enjoy the custom design services that luxury remodelers offer with flexible pricing. 

Plus, you’ll reap several other benefits from a full remodeling project, including:

More modern, sustainable appliances:

Many new appliance models don’t use as much energy as old ones. They also operate more effectively, cutting down the time you spend preparing and cooking meals.

Fresh, durable materials:

Materials like flooring tiles, plumbing pipes, and cabinetry show their age with extended use. Eventually, they become less reliable and start breaking down.

Property value increase:

If you plan to sell your home, improving some interior spaces can make the property sell quicker. Why not update the kitchen?

Convenient, customized design:

When we design kitchen remodels, we consider each customer's daily cooking habits and desires. Our floor plans save steps, time, and energy.

Improved storage options:

Many homeowners struggle with cluttered spaces due to limited storage options. We’ll design your new kitchen around your storage needs for an open, spacious room.

Action Craft Services Plumbing

How To Prepare for Your Kitchen Renovation

When planning kitchen renovations, you may feel overwhelmed by your options. We’ll help you get started! Use the following guide to prepare for your remodeling project. 

Thorough Planning

First, outline essential details like:

  • Project budget
  • Permanent changes you want to make (such as removing walls or altering cabinet layout)
  • Whether you want to replace old fixtures with new ones

The more details you list, the better! You’ll have a more complete idea of the project timeline and how to navigate any unforeseen issues. 

Document Your Creative Ideas

Next, make a list of all your creative ideas. Provide your designer with the details during consultation appointments. They can find ways to integrate your desires and help you stay within your budget.

Our Complete Remodeling Process

After solidifying your plans, discuss them with our team! Our designers are always excited to help our customers achieve their dream kitchens.

Free Consultation

Each remodeling service begins with a free consultation. Think of a consultation as a meeting of great minds. You have splendid ideas to improve your kitchen layout. Our designers have the technical skills to implement your vision. The remodeling team will use professional designs to transform it. 

Salvaging and Removing Old Materials

Next, we remove, inspect, and sort your kitchen materials. Our team reuses old materials that sustained minimal damage. We’ll discard materials that bear scratches, dents, or cracks from wear. This step saves money and time! 

Installing Pertinent Systems

Then, our skilled renovation team redirects electrical and plumbing networks to accommodate new fixtures. If we happen upon any damaged wires, pipes, or other components, we’ll repair them. 

Adding Final Touches

Finally, we install flooring, wall designs, and new kitchen appliances. The supervisor will inspect the area with you to ensure your satisfaction with the results. Then, we clean the workspace thoroughly, leaving you to enjoy your new kitchen. 

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Action Craft Experts makes professional kitchen remodels simple and affordable for residents in Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID. Call (509) 204-3335  to request a design session or estimate.

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