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When you turn on a bathroom faucet or showerhead, you expect a steady flow of hot water. However, broken or malfunctioning water heaters can cause problems that reduce temperature quality. Our water heater repair technicians from Action Craft Experts in Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID, will ensure that you get the hot water you need.

Our certified contractors have all the tools and wisdom to deliver quality inspections and repairs year-round. Whether your pilot light goes out or you need to replace other heating elements, we can help. Getting a water heater maintenance or repair today will save you from unnecessary discomfort later on.

Why You Should Call Action Craft Experts for Your Plumbing Needs

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class water heater maintenance for Spokane residents. Our family-owned-and-operated business promises a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for every repair. By choosing us, you can expect:

Action Craft Services Plumbing

When To Hire Our Water Heater Tank Repair Specialists

When you notice a dramatic change in your water temperature, your gas or electric water heater may have a faulty or damaged heating element. Still, it can be challenging to identify the source of the problem without professional help. Call us if you experience any of the following gas or electric water heater problems.

Multiple Appliances Are Not Working Properly

Do all your sinks, showerheads, and dishwashers fail to produce hot water? It may indicate that your water heater system cannot keep up with your home's plumbing demands. Our technicians can test all your appliances to determine the root of the problem before recommending a repair plan.

Changes in Water Color

Don't wait to contact a repair specialist if you notice changes in your water's color or consistency. While these issues could result from a broken heater, they could also indicate contamination in your water supply. Our contractors will communicate their discoveries and work quickly to restore water quality.

Your Tank Is Leaking Water

A minor leak in your electric or gas water heater can have disastrous consequences. If this problem occurs, it costs you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills. It can also lead to mold growth and corrosion. Our team will drain your hot water heater and seal any leaks we find. After repairs, you should also notice improvements in your water heater's efficiency.

Your Hot Water Heater Cycles Off and On Randomly

No matter which temperature setting you choose, your water heater should not cycle on and off at random. Let us check your hot water tank for temperature control problems.

Action Craft Services Plumbing

People Also Want to Know

Fixing your water heater today will save you time and money, avoiding total replacements in the future. Our repair team will help you get the longest life out of your heating system, with superior materials.

Leaks, corrosion, and rust are some of the most common problems for water heaters. Fortunately, we have a solution for every issue. Our technicians will drain water from your appliances and replace broken components before they cause further damage.

Never attempt DIY repairs on a water heater. These methods can be costly and dangerous without the right tools and experience. Hiring a professional team like ours from Action Craft Experts is the best way to avoid expensive mishaps and injuries.

Say Goodbye To Cold Water With Reliable Repairs in Spokane, WA and coeur d'Alene, ID

Why wait to get the hot water you deserve? Schedule a water heater repair with Action Craft Experts in Spokane, WA and Coeur d’Alene, ID. Speak to our friendly representatives at (509) 204-3335

Action Craft Services Plumbing

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