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Reasons Why Your Sink is Overflowing

Like most other plumbing problems, you may encounter an overflowing sink at the most inconvenient of times. Overflowing sinks can make a huge mess and lead to further problems like mold development, flooding inside your home, and water damage to your property.

The sink is an integral part of a home, which is why it’s important to get it checked by a professional plumbing contractor to have it maintained to ensure it doesn’t get backed up from time to time.

Read on to learn all the reasons why your sink could be overflowing.

The Sink Pipes Are Clogged

an overflowing kitchen sink.

One of the most common reasons why sinks overflow is because of clogged pipes. While it is inevitable for things like grease, food scraps, hair, and other gunk to get washed down the drain, this can slowly clog the pipes. Over time, this gunk will start to build up and narrow the pipe openings.

You might require a professional plumber’s help when it comes to mitigating this problem. A plumber has appropriate tools and knows techniques that can immediately unclog the pipes and help you prevent them from getting clogged again.

The Vent Pipe is Clogged

Another reason why the sink can overflow is because of a clogged vent pipe. The plumbing systems require functional venting to work properly. Venting allows the system to take in all the air needed to enable the water to flow without any obstructions.

The vents can get clogged for various reasons, like dust, leaves, or debris. It is also not uncommon for homeowners to find bird nests and squirrels living inside the vents.

You can always call a professional to look at your vents and identify the problem causing your sink to overflow.

You’ve Installed a New Dishwasher

Have you recently installed a powerful new dishwasher? This could be the reason why your sink is overflowing. This can happen because the kitchen sink and dishwasher drain through the same pipe. When the dishwasher discharges the water, the water may come back up through the kitchen sink.

If your dishwasher discharges a lot of water at once, the water can come up through the kitchen sink. This is a common occurrence when homeowners install a new dishwasher.

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